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Down Clothes Cutting Machine
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Down Clothes Cutting Machine

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    To use this down clothes cutting machine, you first need to create a vector based design using a software program- like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. – then send it to the cutter. The cutter then accurately cuts along the vectors paths defined in your design.

    Down Clothes Cutting Machine are controlled by the computer, they can easily cut along the X- and Y-axes over the vinyl material to produce any imaginable shape.

The machine finds extensive usage in making signs, given its precision cutting of vinyl material to produce durable designs.
They’re also used to make banners and advertisements.

Above all this, they’re used for apparel decoration and customization.


The features of down clothes cutting machine

1. Adopt crawler-type worktable with feeeding system,can realize automatic continuously cutting.
2. CNC system optimize processing path automatically,could equip intellectualized typesetting software,save materials and reduce cost;
3.Equip high speed inner sliding rail,cutting fast,with the function of good automatic sewing,improved the work efficiency greatly;
4.Professional vacuum platform,make sure the fabric smooth;
5.Instalf the dustproof device,the linear rails is easy to maintain.



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