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What is automatic plush toy cutting machine?
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What is automatic plush toy cutting machine?

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Plush toys are suitable for a wide range of people. Whether it is for children or decorating houses, they are all good gifts. 

The main materials used for plush toys can be divided into: shearing cloth, plush cloth, honey velvet, border cloth, and other materials. In processing, it needs to go through: cutting, sewing and other processes.

The plush toy automatic cutting machine introduced to you today can bring more convenience and speed in the processing of plush toys, higher cutting accuracy and other advantages, and enhance your competitiveness in the market!


Reasonable design and typesetting are the main factors that can reduce the processing cost. 

In the traditional manual cutting method, not only the accuracy of cutting cannot be guaranteed, but the high material loss and high labor cost make the processing cost high.

So many manufacturers are constantly looking for automation equipment to solve this kind of problem, the laser machine is one of them.

The laser machine uses a high-temperature beam to cut the material, and the efficiency is indeed improved.

However, since most of the plush toys are mainly fabrics, the edges of the fabrics will be burnt when laser cutting is used, and smoke and odors will be generated at the same time. Not conducive to environmental protection.

In order to solve the problems caused by laser cutting. 

YIZHOU has developed and produced a vibrating knife plush toy automatic cutting machine that uses a blade to cut the fabric.

No need to mold, support direct input of AI, PLT, DXF and other files, save a lot of time and save mold costs, have super typesetting software, realize computer intelligent typesetting, after testing by many manufacturers, computer intelligent typesetting can save more than 10% of materials than manual typesetting. 

With automatic feeding and automatic correction device, it can realize automatic cutting.

The universal tool holder can be arbitrarily combined with tools such as vibrating knives, round knives, drag knives, bevel knives, etc., to realize quick and convenient tool replacement of different materials.


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