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YIZHOU Cutting Machine Service Manual (1)
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YIZHOU Cutting Machine Service Manual (1)

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  1. Set the cutting depth

    Before set the cutting depth, make sure the blade installed correct and knife  blade direction is one left and parallel to the gantry


  2. How to set the cutting depth for machine



  3. Import dxf or plt file to machine control software.

  4.  open the VCUT software, there are two ways to import the file.

    Firstly, click theD 图标 to import the file.

    Sencondly, open software, file-----------------import----------


  5. Choose the dxf or plt file which output from CAD software

    Dxf plt format file is widely used, and can be output from many CAD software,Such as coreldraw, BOKE,PGM, GERBER, AUTOCAD, AI, etc



    打开文件 旋转

  6. Read the parameter settings

    File-----system settings to open the parameter settings Or click D TUBIAOto open it.

    d 设置


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