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Machine Installation and Test
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Machine Installation and Test

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Machine Installation 

When you receive the machine, open the package, check the accessories in Packing  list with the machine. If quantity is not correct, please contact us. We will resend  again. 

1)Open the machine package 

2) Loosen the upper nuts of the feet with a wrench, and raise the feet to make the distance to the pallet greater than to the casters.

    移动1                移动2

Figure Loosing Casters and Feet   

3) Fork the machine from the pallet with a forklift, deliver to the destination, and  unscrew the feet.

Environmental requirements for installation

The installation site must be away from dust, dirt, humidity, and rain. The floor to be  placed must be flat and capable of carrying loads,

Preference is given to floors with sound-attenuating coverings to prevent the  transmission of mechanical vibrations.

The power connection, air compressor or air source at the installation site must be  consistent with the required specifications.

Power distribution specifications: 

1) Rated power 11KW,

2) The power cord is three-phase three-wire, 6-10 square millimeters. 

3) Leakage circuit breaker 200V-240V/60HZ-63A. Install to 3-8 meters  away from the machine.

4) Compressed air: pressure 0.4-0.7MPa, air pipe diameter 6MM;

Main accessories:

1) Electrical oscillating cutting head 

2)1 USB data cable, 1 network/web cable

3) 20 cutting knives

4One USB flash drive with machine control software and typesetting software,  manuals and videos 

5A set of tools

Electricity connection

1) Machine input power connection 

Open the back electrical box of machine, Connect 220V-240V/60HZ voltage three  phase as  

Figure  shows


Figure: Machine Electricity connection

Vacuum pump installation and electricity connection

1)vacuum pump installation


Figure : Vacuum pump installation

2)Vacuum pump electricity connection to machine



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.


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