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What is a gasket cutting machine?
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What is a gasket cutting machine?

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What is a gasket

Sealing gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment, and pipelines as long as there is fluid. It uses internal and external sealing materials. Gaskets are made of metal or non-metal plate-like materials through cutting, stamping or cutting processes, and are used for sealing connections between pipelines, and sealing connections between parts of machinery and equipment. According to the material, it can be divided into metal gasket and non-metal gasket. There are copper gaskets, stainless steel gaskets, iron gaskets, aluminum gaskets and so on. Non-metallic gaskets include asbestos gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, paper gaskets, and rubber gaskets.


Gasket cutting requirements

1. High accuracy

Sealing gaskets are often used in some scenes that need to be sealed, so there are high requirements for accuracy to ensure that the sealing effect is achieved.

2. Consistent cutting quality

There will be a lot of sealing gaskets in the order, and they will also be used in the same scene, so it is necessary to keep the cutting quality of the gaskets consistent to ensure the quality of the gasket order.

3. Save materials and reduce waste rate. 

The saving of material costs can help improve the market competitiveness of products.

The YIZHOU gasket cutting machine can maintain high-quality cutting when cutting gaskets, high-precision cutting maintains good product quality, stable table tops and cutters to maintain consistent cutting quality.

The advantage of YIZHOU gasket cutting machine

Save material  

Intelligent discharge software, material utilization rate increased by more than 15%  

save Labour 

Automatic system, automatic feeding, cutting, punching, blanking  

High efficiency  

Equipped with Panasonic servo system production efficiency running speed 2500mm/s

High precision  

HIWIN/PMI linear guide rail transmission system accuracy ±0.1mm  

Environmental protection  

Blade cutting, no heat source, no emission, no pollution, no change in material characteristics  

High quality  

Cutting edge neat, no burr, arbitrary shape cutting, cutting quality is high  


The machine weight is more than 1.5 tons, customized cutting solutions  

Be guaranteed

One years warranty

Why select us?

Tool interchange system, suitable for more materials cutting  

Anti-static system of the whole machine, to protect the safety of personnel  

Independent research and development system, common workers 2 hours skilled on duty  

This model has won 6 technical patents at home and abroad  

All electric products are imported  

Laser projection technology, realize waste reuse, save material 20%+  


The equipment uses the computer to import the data cutting, no mold, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, completely replace the manual, save a lot of labor costs.  The equipment adopts automatic typesetting software, which can save more than 10% of materials relative to manual typesetting, avoid the waste of materials, increase the production efficiency to more than three times, save time, effort and materials.  

YIZHOU CNC and its related equipment and software have developed solutions for the traditional textile market (fashion, furniture) and are now focusing on the growing industrial textile and composite materials market. According to user requirements, there are a variety of cutting materials for selection and reference. Click the message below and wait for professional reply.


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