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What is automatic fur cutting machine?
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What is automatic fur cutting machine?

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Fur coat refers to the name of clothing made from animal fur, while double-sided cashmere coat is the name of clothing made from the thin fine fleece that grows on the outer skin of goats. 

Although the two are essentially different, they have the same characteristics, that is, they can resist the cold wind to keep warm, and they have the same cutting process in terms of processing technology. 

This fur cutting machine we will introduce to you this time is your good helper in cutting these garment fabrics!


Unlike traditional cutting methods, compared with traditional electric scissors and laser cutting methods, this equipment uses blades to cut double-sided cashmere and fur fabrics, which is environmentally friendly and efficient. 

The program operations are all controlled by a computer, which is simple and convenient. . 

The equipment comes with a super marker system, there is no need for manual pattern making. 

You only need to design the garment pattern you need to cut in the program, save the file, and open and run it in the program to start working. 

Whether you want to save costs in labor or improve work efficiency, this device can do it.

It is also worth mentioning that the body of this equipment is a welded one-system steel frame structure with stronger rigidity and far more stability than other equipment.

The knives can be combined arbitrarily, vibrating knives, bevel knives, drag knives and other knives can be used, and knives can be changed quickly and conveniently when cutting different materials.

The equipment comes with its own loading and unloading function. There is no need to manually load the material, and the material can be continuously transported for automatic cutting.

The following are some parameters of the equipment for your reference:

Device model: YZ1625

Effective cutting size: 2500*1600mm

Customizable equipment length/width: special specifications can be customized

Feeding method: automatic feeding work surface

Control panel: multi-language LCD display, touch screen, repeatability: ±0.05mm


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